I figured I’d take a moment and expand on this, as it’s going to determine the next few decades and how we’re able to heal as a nation.

If Trump and his associates are not prosecuted, they argue, it might set a devastating precedent. Others worry that the desire to prosecute Trump could amount to no more than “vengeance” that would further erode democratic norms. This vigorous debate on the left asks how we as a nation can get to the bottom of the Trump administration’s criminal behavior, while also ensuring that no future administration can act in such a manner again.

It is absolutely the right time to prosecute Trump and send a clear signal to his cult members that Trumpism isn’t something we’re going to tolerate. There are no extremes that are “okay”, and we’re going to all have to meet in the middle. Prosecution is the only path forward to healing. Prosecution is the only way to preserve our democracy. Prosecution is the only way to ensure that “Trumpism” never happens again.

The denazification process is widely considered to have been only partially successful — but it also underscores the importance of confronting painful and criminal pasts.

Yes, and we still have inbred idiots waving around confederate flags. Morons don’t go away, they just grow more inbred and flaccid with every subsequent generation. They’re getting bred out of society by society itself integrating more and more unqiue individuals into these “silos of hate” and thinning their efficacy. It’s becoming more and more common that these asshats are choosing between either discontinuing their lineage by not reproducing at all, or falling in line. What keeps society sane is the majority acknowledging that these assholes are bad people, and we were going at that up until around 2015. It’s time for us to return to that.

On the other hand, if denazification’s principle purpose was to convince ordinary Germans of the wrongness of Nazism, then it was at best a partial success.

This is why we need a new tactic. We need a social credit system that will assist us in eliminating the Trump cult.

What can we learn from Germany’s rocky path of denazification? To state the obvious, the United States is not Nazi Germany. The Trump administration, for all that it has done, has not committed genocide or launched a transcontinental war of aggression. The crimes of Nazi Germany were of a different magnitude than those of President Trump.

Now for the brevity. He’s right. Trumpism isn’t Nazism. Yet. That’s the problem. You can absolutely tack “yet” onto that sentiment, because Trumpism is absolutely on the road to starting the next genocide. It has all the ingredients present in it to usher in another decade of those dark times. Trumpism is “the perfect storm for resurrecting the third reich”. It is no different than the politics of the beer hall putsch, and the blind followers of the ideology don’t even recognize what they’re cheering for. The cult-like nature of the following, the unquestioning, the manipulation of information and confirmation bias, these are all the building blocks of a fascist and genocidal fervor. These are the contributions of the evangelical christian community to the conservative politics of the 1950’s made manifest in modern times.

Our response needs to be as such.

  1. We need to prosecute Trump and his associates.
  2. We need to reinvigorate the Johnson Ammendment and consider removing all tax exempt status from religious groups.
  3. We need to prosecute past violations of the Johnson Ammendment.
  4. We need an independent body to be created to combat misinformation with cited resources.
  5. Our free press cannot survive without a return to Fairness Doctrine, and we require it immediately.

This is the only way to “de-nazify” Trumpism. This is the way forward. Lets make this happen.