Holy fucking shit. I was literally just made aware of an insane gaggle of assholes behind the YouTube account 8 Passengers. Before I start ranting, watch this absolute TRASH play out.

The video is obvious crap. Their production quality is trash and yet it also looks like a lot of effort put into trash. So that aside, this psychotic bitch rolls off with this unwarranted smile and peppy demeanor about “Kevin” testing positive for COVID. So they don’t quarantine him, or all the members of the family, or anything rational. This pasty white bitch SUGGESTS THEY ALL DRINK FROM ONE CUP. Bitch, listen- You are an abusive piece of trash for that even crossing your mind. I’m sitting at home suffering right now as I write this, and I can verifiably say without a doubt that you’re an unredeemable garbage human being.

Next up, dumb bitch finds out daughter has COVID, and her entire sports team has to quarantine now because her parents are trash. I don’t believe that girl should have her trash mother taken out on her, but this is fucking inevitable.

In one shot Kevin even leaves the room that crazy bitch is occupying, probably because he’s not as BATSHIT as she is and honestly I can’t see how Kevin respects her as a spouse.

Now, this ignorant bitch removed comments and left the video up, and that’s because 1.) She doesn’t believe she’s in the wrong and 2.) No one else agrees with her. Kevin is right when he says they all likely have it without realizing already, and that ends up bearing out. But the peppy demeanor this asshole treats COVID with negates the hundreds of thousands of people who died. It negates the people who will have lifelong scarring from this horrible disease. This dumb bitch doesn’t seem to talk politics on screen, but I fucking guarantee you she’s a Trumper.

“Can dogs get COVID. Hope not.” Fucking. Really. Here you are throwing your children into the fire but you’ll save the fucking dog? Lady, you’re absolutely a cunt. You’re the reason reproduction should be licensed, and it’s no surprise you live in Utah. Fucking moron. You are horrible and incredibly fucking insensitive and you deserve to have felt as shitty as you did.

“It’s unpredictable.” NO. FUCKING. SHIT.

This lady has pissed me off tremendously, so instead of seething about it, I’m going to gather a hall of shame to accompany this post.

Without further ado, the “8 Passengers Hall of Shame”:

Fuck you, Ruby Franke. You’re trash.