I feel a need to publicly effuse about where I am in life right now. In the midst of being a parent, being a career-minded person, and just being myself; There is one aspect of my life eclipsing and enhancing everything else. I am completely and fully in love. I’ve found in someone my intellectual better, incredibly generous, optimistic, empathetic, hilarious, fun-loving, and just so amazing. And-the-sex-oh-my-god. I’ve found my soulmate. I don’t just know it. I feel it deep in the fiber of my being. I’ve found someone to give myself completely to, that enthralls me to share life with, that I can expose the complete depths of myself to. Words fail me in enumerating what I feel right now. It feels so vast and encompassing and yet as incredible a sensation as it is; not intimidating at all. I’m going to marry this woman, my woman, my best friend, my partner for life and soulmate, and there is no hesitation. I love you, Amber. I’m by far not the only person who realizes what an incredible human being you are, but I’m the person who gets to complete you. That is an incredible source of pride for me, because I don’t know anyone who gets to share in what we share.