That’s it, folks. Pennsylvania has been called for Biden. The end of Trump’s cancerous influence over the nation looms large, and we can collectively breathe a sigh of relief. It’s my hope that we can mend as a nation, figuring out a way forward that disavows the hateful ethnic nationalist rhetoric he espoused. I greatly look forward to making racists afraid again. They need to crawl back into their holes to hide. Now is not their time to shine. It wasn’t in 2016, either, yet we found ourselves in the predicament we did. I don’t expect Biden to be a great leader, but I at least expect him to lead. Trump didn’t even do that. He failed consistently, made excuses constantly, and eroded the values I thought our nation once held.

It’s time to bury this bullshit and move on. All the “Trump Train” can go straight to hell; They’re garbage human beings. They’re not Republicans. They’re waste matter at best, social cancer at worst.