The anxiety is running high. We’re careening headfirst into the next chapter of this nation, and the next few days will determine whether we begin to heal as a nation or we continue to scratch our heads in wonder at how people can unapologetically support fascism and the destruction of our constitution. It’s also really interesting when people call descriptions such as mine ‘hyperbole’ when constitutional scholars are aghast by Trump’s time in office. But that’s the lowest common denominator; the one with no respect for their betters. The fool who dropped out of school in the eighth grade and thinks he knows better than doctors, refusing to wear masks, asserting his ‘rights’ everywhere and that everyone else are merely sheep. Scum, completely unredeemable scum.

It’s my hope that we can pick up the pieces soon after Biden and Harris are installed. The racists can go back to hiding under various rocks. The idiots can be ignored by media outlets once again. We can improve education. We can work toward eliminating the cancer that elected Trump in the first place.

Man, this sucks.