I feel like there’s an air of general unease everywhere right now. You have the ultra-capitalist fruitloops regarding human lives as expendable fuel for a thriving economy, and you have individuals who just want to exist without failed leadership completely ignoring the health and welfare of the general public. Both sides are deeply carved out in how they’re voting, and polling indicates Biden has a lead, but I’m not entirely sure we can trust polling anymore after 2016. Things are insane, to say the least.

I’m also insanely busy with work. We’re always making ourselves available to each other to collaborate on problems and ensure that “no man is left behind”, it’s a huge part of what makes our group great. It’s also a time consuming reality that needs to be factored in measuring output. Solving problems takes time no matter if it’s one person assigned or two.

I’m also in need of a good Visual Basic .Net book and a readable C# book. I’m sure I already have some tucked away in a download folder somewhere, it’s just a matter of digging them up and reading them. Hopefully I’ll have some good contributions tabled once I really get going with this stuff. Alright, I got shit to do. Don’t trash the place while I’m gone.