I do far less with this damn thing than I either expected or wanted to do with it, and my work/life balance is really one of the largest contributors. Even beyond that I frequently find myself choosing to vegetate with Disgaea 5 on the switch, grinding away at maxing out character classes and beefing up stats rather than writing a thoughtful post or describing some tech hurdle I’ve recently overcome. It’s whatever. At some point I’m sure I’ll have a day or two off where I find myself saying, “This is a perfect opportunity to draft up {x} thing I’ve been wanting to document”. Or maybe try something new. I dunno. It’s whatever. I complain about my work/life balance, but I also don’t do anything to change it. I’m not slowing down by picking a less intensive career path or low-energy job.

Lately I do find that one change in my life dominates my thoughts more than any other recent changes I’ve experienced. I’ve somehow not only managed to find the most amazing woman ever, but convince her that she should be with me rather than anyone else. She’s the smartest person I know, hands down. I’ve never met anyone smarter than her and I honestly doubt I will. She slays at Jeopardy for fun. She’s an avid reader. She’s a polemic you wouldn’t want to attempt besting. And yet with all these amazing things she is, she’s humble and incredibly sweet. I imagine people largely feel like people who fit the description of being very smart and self-aware are also haughty and boasting, maybe selfish. She’s not, though. She takes all these amazing qualities and enriches them with this wonderful rosy heart. She’s so much fun, too. There can’t be a party without her because she’s the party. I cherish the love and trust of this amazing person. I’m in it for the long game. I love you, Amber. MORE.