You know the Trump GOP is a cult when their dear leader can downplay the danger of a disease for months and then contract the disease and the followers still say “MASKS ARE OPPRESSION”. Just so fucking stupid. These people are literally too stupid to live.
I can believe Trump contracted COVID with how stupid he’s been about wearing masks. Even when he started wearing a mask it was only for show. What I can’t believe is that he’s going to come out of it unscathed. I highly doubt he’s going to survive, and I don’t feel bad for him or his shit family. I don’t feel bad for the idiots who worship Trump, either. Their dear leader is trash. They’re dumb. No pity required. What still throws me for a loop, though, is that he can do such incredibly stupid shit and still have shitheels kissing the ground he walks on. There’s nothing redeemable about a person who doesn’t see Trump as the biggest idiot ever now that he’s contracted COVID. If you are one such person, it may be time for you to reevaluate your life. Even with the best treatment available in modern medicine, a septegenarian doesn’t have the best odds in surviving COVID. How have we fallen so far from grace? Why are there so many idiots here? How can we do better? Christ.