I had seen a video recently on “Explaining Computers” and I noticed that the Raspberry Pi 4 now supports booting from a USB drive. Considering that it also has USB 3.0 support, and you can readily find SATA/USB 3.0 adapters, I think this makes for a pretty promising Pi 4 build. I’m considering snagging another along with the necessary cabling and a SATA drive to create a reasonably decent headless server with some beefy storage and better access times than SD flash. I think I’m going to keep the existing Pi 4 that I have running as is, as a general purpose and print server, because it just works. But I really feel like I need a Pi 4 with 4 TB of storage, because why not? I’m pretty sure I can put it together relatively inexpensively and I might dabble in some NextCloud or OwnCloud crap to boot. We’ll see. I always have too damn much stuff going on, but this is the goal at least.