I don’t feel as though I truly captured the issues at hand with the current “Trump2020” movement. So here goes nothing.

In my previous incredibly inebriated post I made a piss poor attempt to compare the mentality of Trump supporters to those in an abusive cult. I still stand by this statement, but I don’t feel as though I did a very good job explaining why. First and foremost, let me say that people don’t have to justify what they feel, think, say, or do. Not to me, not to themselves, not to anyone. Sometimes people do shit for no reason whatsoever. That said, when people choose a political movement, there’s almost always a relatively strong reasoning behind it. I’m going to dissect “Trump2020” now.

If you’ve ever said “There are good people on both sides” with regards to the “Unite the Right” rally in Richmond, you’re a fucking racist. Period. No excuses. No bullshit. Embrace your racism, because you are a dyed-in-the-wool racist. It’s likely you were conditioned by your parents to be racist, and rather than question it, you wholeheartedly adopted it as your own dogma. If you don’t see Trump as racist for having made that comment about the “Unite the Right” rally, this is also a clear indicator that you’re racist. Having an aversion to declaring something racist and condemning it is a strong indicator that you are racist. I don’t know why I have to break it down for you asshats, but apparently it’s necessary. You don’t get to dodge the label because a bunch of racists tell each other they aren’t racist for their “only mild” racist behaviors. You don’t control the narrative with propaganda. You’re just a racist, period. The Trump2020 camp doesn’t provide evidence of “colorblindness”, but instead uses the cult strategy of “groupthink” to justify racist attitudes and feebly attempt to normalize them.

Republicans who question Trump, abhor Trump, or simply feel that the party should choose someone else to lead are ostracized by the Trump2020 cult members. They are instantly labeled “RINO” as though this populist third party candidate now represents the whole of the GOP. This is the same tactic used by Scientology and other cults. The practice of labeling someone a “suppressive person”, or excommunicating them; These are cult practices.

The very notion of having an “unquestionable leader” is incredibly cult-like. If you go against dear leader you can count on being ostracized within your own inner circles. “Trump said some stupid shit” can be met swiftly with “You ain’t a real republican”. Of course, people in the cult can’t see what they look like from the outset. They don’t see what we all see as we watch them justify Trump’s improprieties. They don’t know that they look like assholes parroting his speech about Biden, claiming that Biden will “hurt God, hurt the bible”. This is a man that’s had many wives, many affairs, and has absolutely abused celebrity status by taking advantage of women. If you want to start using labels, Trump is “Christian in name only”. He’s not a Christian any more than I am. I don’t embrace that label at all. I’m not spiritual. I’ve also never done any of the messed up shit Trump has, so by all rights I’m a far better Christian than he is.

Trump asks you to condemn your eyes, your ears, your ability to perceive the world around you. “Facts don’t matter” according to Trump. You’re supposed to accept his word as gospel, and the Trump2020 crowd absolutely accepts his word as gospel. When he claims that 180,000 people would’ve died anyways, or that his response to Corona was adequate, or that he isn’t corrupt; His cult members swallow every word despite every fact illustrating that the opposite is true. 180,000 people didn’t have to die. He is corrupt. He lies. He has raped women. He has used wealth to evade the consequences of his actions. And if we’re being honest, here, the pee tape is likely real. Trump2020 requires massive amounts of self-deception that probably stem from Christian indoctrination. Trump doesn’t want you to trust science. You know, that discipline where we make discoveries about reality that can be proven as fact by many groups of people concurrently around the globe, that have to be vetted and agreed upon by scholars and experts before being widely adopted in the scientific community. Trump tells you questioning vaccines is alright, the Earth might be flat, he could be “fighting the deep state”, climate science is a political ploy, and all manner of idiotic shit. You assholes buy it because it’s convenient. You finally have your racist president and feel emboldened to be cunts publicly again.

Trump seeks an innappropriate amount of loyalty from his people. He demands you agree entirely with his doctrine, and you do. You’re in a cult, after all. You’re not thinking critically, because that’s too fucking inconvenient. You might have to not be a piece of shit in public again, and that’s hard for you. Right? So your undying fandom is wholly his and his alone. He’s a part of your identity now, and there’s no going back. So what if grandma died from COVID, at least a fucking democrat didn’t take your AR-15. Right? And don’t get me started on all those dead babies. Trump is trying too hard to save babies from being dead, he can’t do everything. Give them a proper chance to develop COVID or die of starvation or neglect like real Americans. It doesn’t matter than treating a fetus better than a whole person is morally bankrupt, you’re too fargone for that to matter now; aren’t you?

Anyways, these are just my thoughts on why Trump fans are cult members. You can reason with a person, you can’t reason with a cult. November is going to be hard, it’s going to be scary, and we’re going to need a lot of backup. Help us defeat this social cancer. Vote Biden/Harris this November. Do it because you care.