I’m going to make a case for something, and there are many of you who won’t agree with it. Though, the reasons for this are varied, it will be a tough pill to swallow. If you were on the other side of the fence you’d be able to see it.

Seven Signs You’re in a Cult

  1. Opposing critical thinking
  2. Isolating members and penalizing them for leaving
  3. Emphasizing special doctrines outside scripture
  4. Seeking inappropriate loyalty to their leaders
  5. Dishonoring the family unit
  6. Crossing Biblical boundaries of behavior (versus sexual purity and personal ownership)
  7. Separation from the Church

Above are a reasonably complete set of criteria for determining whether you may be a member of a cult. It’s funny how easy it is to “go with the flow” to an immense degree that you don’t even realize what’s burning down around you.

Opposing Critical Thinking

They’ve set us up for this one handily. We’ve had climate science deniers for decades now. People who politicize saving the fucking ball of dirt we’re all stranded on. Jesus. Fucking. Christ. Then came the goddamn anti-vaxxers. I mean, fucking really? I don’t really have to make any points to tear this one apart. For fuck sake. Then came Corona, and every moron conservative shouting “masks are compliance!” Here we are, 180,000 corpses deep, and you’re fucking challenging THE VALUE OF HUMAN LIFE. What if those 180,000 dead were fetuses? MAYBE THEN YOU IDIOTS WOULD FUCKING CARE. The sanctity of life doesn’t exist with you morons unless it involves life that can’t be sustained outside a host. God fucking damn.

Ioslating Members and Penalizing them for Leaving

Conservatives who don’t agree with the Trump brand of conservatism are called “RINO”. Republican in Name Only. I’m sorry if someone wants to be a “diet fuckface” instead of a “full force fuckface”. Maybe some people don’t want to go full nazi. Christ. Can’t some people be corporate whores without being complete invalids?

Emphasizing Special Doctrines Outside Scripture

The “Trump Voter” is not educated, does not benefit from any conservative policy, and doesn’t have stake in any company or corporation. Literally RINO. These idiot fanboys are on disability or flip burgers if they’re functional at all. These are the people being oppressed by their own fucking voting patterns. I swear to god they’re self-eliminating. The’re all “Lock her up!” and “Second Amendment 4 LYFE” and “Down with the fed!” are all the idiots dependent on the government they’re voting to kill. Cue up a Darwin Award. These people are invalids.

Dishonoring the Family Unit

These shitbags alienate everyone they interact with because they’re just horrible people to begin with. The only reason they align so cleanly with a “fuck everyone” dogma is because it’s their deepest held “Christian” belief. I mean, jesus fucking hell.

The rest

It’s a fucking cult, okay? If you’re all “Trump2020” and “QAnon, look it up!” you’re absolutely fucking going to Hell if it exists. Or in the very least you’re getting reincarnated as Marlon Brando’s ass cyst. None of the moronic “QAnon” prophecies ever held any water and they were written like fucking horoscopes. You idiots ate it up still. It’s just appalling how stupid 65 million people are. For fuck sake.