Figured I’d give my two cents, since a portion of the news made it into a funny clip I posted. Here goes.

Bruce Aylward is a fucking coward. He’s a spineless sack of dicks with Chinese aristrocracy’s hand up his ass, moving his mouth. He’s a tool. Absolutely worthless. Facts don’t care about his feelings, nor do facts give a rat’s ass about how badly he doesn’t want to piss off his overlords. Seriously. Fuck this guy. I wouldn’t believe a word coming out of his lying mouth at any point. I don’t think a person can get more useless than he has been. I’ve watched that clip over and over and it’s painfully obvious he isn’t even man enough to simply admit that he’s a pawn of the communist party. He can’t admit that Taiwan deserves its independence. Bruce is basically the Democrat version of Trump. Stupid, biased, and for sale to the highest bidder. Fucking tool. I hope he catches Corona and doesn’t survive.

Just look at all the praise this piece of shit has received:

TED Speaker Coward
His Wiki Page - This is particularly enraging as it waters down the facts to try and make him not look like the cowardly bag of dicks that he is.
Guardian Reporting on This Idiot

Okay, I’m done with this jackass. Fuck him, fuck China, fuck Russia, and fuck Coronavirus.