Successfully migrated to Hugo. Sorry, Jekyll, but there looks to be a perceivable future for Hugo well beyond the fad of Ruby, and I love the fact that it’s super goddamned fast. It’s a far better option in my opinion. Not that I have anything against Ruby or Jekyll- I’ve established a massive blog with Ruby and Jekyll. It has persisted across many angry skids without so much as flinching. Hugo, though, is the future. It’s fast. It’s written in Go. It has everything I like about Jekyll and nothing I dislike about Jekyll. It’s the future, goddammit.

In any case, this is really just a check in since it’s been fucking months that I’ve posted up here. Soon, maybe tonight, I’ll write an actual post. Maybe I’ll detail how I migrated my bullshit from one static generator to another. Maybe I’ll write about some other silly shit I’ve got up to. I dunno. I need to write more, though. I can’t deny the therapeutic effect of writing. It’s soothing. It’s awesome. It’s fun.

Anyways. That’s it for now. God dammit. 😂