It’s funny to me how Republicans “spin” their narrative. “The State”, “The Fed”, nearly any entity aside from a corporate monopoly is viewed as an oppressive body. The narrative gets spun out to look enticing to people who are unfamiliar with their own financial burdens. It lines up completely with the self-oppressing Christian mentality. “I saddled myself with my own woes. I’m my own worst enemy. It’s my fault that I am where I am.” They also, to some minor extent, feel like they’re masters of their own destiny. And minor it is. They have some sway in their own story, but there’s far greater propensity for a fall than there is any sort of rise. Any minor misstep can catapult one of these people into an even more severe poverty than they’re already experiencing. Their station in life is as a footstool for the wealthy. We’re all assigned that role, but they absolutely love it. They don’t even see their own role as being one of “footstool”, but as a “foundational contributor to capitalism”, which is very far from any truth. The narratives spun are crafted in such a way that everyone making less than $250k annually supports all US infrastructure, rather than the 50,000 or so millionaires or billionaires sitting on hoarded wealth. The sad reality is that the Republican spin is an incredibly intuitive story used to rope in 200 million voters to support fifty thousand rich assholes.

At the end of the day, it only makes sense to eat the rich.