I can’t even adequately describe my frustration right now. It’s immense. It’s YUGE. I guess I’ll try to describe exactly why it exists, and why I don’t foresee it improving at all in the next year or so.

First and foremost, qurantine is tough. It’s not the best thing I’ve ever experienced, and a lot of “gamers” are making jokes about quarantine being neutral buoyancy. I get it. Most game and computer enthusiasts stay indoors for long stretches. If they leave, it’s begrudgingly. I understand the stereotype. I spent a while proving it to be true. There’s just some radical exception to that rule when you’re told that you can’t leave. Suddenly the desire for something previously undesirable grows exponentially.

Layering on top of this the present “social distancing” restrictions, we have lunatics on the political right making everything worse. They’re spreading the usual retarded garbage with even greater fervor. It’s irritating because they’re the reason we’re in this situation. They’re the ones that wanted a smaller federal government that’s wholly incapable of doing things a federal government is supposed to do. This is proof that everything they hold dear is just bullshit. So that’s strike two.

When you post facts on the internet, would a Republican absorb them if their eyes accidentally stumbled in their direction? The answer is; Fucking of course not. Facts, wisdom, science; These are all the antithesis of the “working class Republican”. The truth is that “the working class Republican” is little more than an inbred hillbilly trope, because he’s not supporting himself or values he actually holds, he’s swallowing propaganda that was fed to him by wealthy corporate stooges who have clear incentive to make their policies popular. That’s right, working class Republicans are mentally deficient. They vote against their own self interest year after year, believing they’re “doing their part” in fulfilling the American Dream. Which, they are, just not their own dream. They’re fulfilling the dreams of the wealthiest people who inherited their wealth, who will be secure in passing their wealth to their offsrping. Generation after generation of trust-fund children. That’s who the “working class Republican” is truly voting for. And they’re too stupid to see it, which makes them all the more valuable to the malevolent “Republican Party Orchaestrators”.

Do I exempt Democrats from my seething opinions? Of course not. They’re largely structured similarly to the Republicans, except instead of promoting “cunty bullshit” like “Hate thy neighbor” or “Fuck your kid’s lives I want my automatic”; The Democrats push social change in exchange for doggedly promoting the current immense gap between the haves and the have-nots. The Republicans, as I mentioned earlier, are also assholes like this. The difference is that they want all the gays to go away and “stop rubbing it in people’s faces”, they want women to get the fuck back in the kitchen, they want Mexicans to die in a fire, they want a return to 1950’s “moral tradition”. Because, deep down, they’re garbage human beings. You can call that a harsh indictment if you’d like to, but I bet you’d be hard pressed to disagree whether it’s accurate or not.

With the quarantine, I’m forced to observe all of this in real-time on Facebook.

Cue misanthropy.