I’m considering starting a new system build soon. Might have an opportunity to get that done shortly. Not thinking anything extravagant, just a reasonably powered mid-level gaming rig. Since I have my own MSDN account I can just crap out Win10 licenses, so I might as well use one. It’ll be weird to run Win10 Enterprise at home, but whatever.

Weekends are always the best. It’s a departure from the crazy packed weekdays with their tight schedules and last minute business trips.

Man, I get so little free time that I’m sitting here and wondering what the hell I should write here in any serious manner. I want to contribute something useful, but a ton of what I’m doing for work right now has no bearing in the IT world. At least for the moment. It’s also not stuff I can really share publicly. Not yet anyways. Ah well. I’ll figure something worthwhile to write, dammit.