Man, I can’t even get into it right now. Just can’t. But I’m killing it. I’m just making enormous strides in life at the moment, and I feel really optimistic about the future. More than that, I feel like I can summon enough optimism to pull up those around me who need it most. There have been some serious tragedies and difficult times for people that I care about, and as much work and effort as I’ve been able to put into my own life has given me the strength I need to do for myself as well as lend to others who might need it.

Life is good. I am loving everything about breathing, existing, living, doing, being myself.

At work, I’m finally able to really kick ass and take names. I’m moving up, I’m striking out in unforeseen directions, I’m making myself known and I’m expanding my skills and abilities.

At home, I’m making new friends. I love every friend I have. They’re all awesome. I’m surrounding myself with amazing people, and I’ll never give that up again. I’m striving to give everyone a chance, and I’m not going to put time or effort to anyone who can’t put time or effort forward for me. But that also doesn’t mean that I won’t be available when they do want to put the effort forward. I’m not cutting people out anymore. That’s done for good.

But dammit I’m looking forward to checking out the DIA.