I think I’m going to start blogging semi-regularly, both to get shit off my chest and maybe, on occasion, share some knowledge. I need an outlet for the garbage banging around in my tiny, mostly empty skull. I suppose I have a few bits of advice for anyone living in the digital age. There are a few choice pieces up here already, but I’ll admit that in the time since I’ve written stuff here, my skills have improved a bit.

Though, I have to ask; Is there anyone out there who knows why the hell ufw keeps breaking? It seems like every sudo apt-get update | apt-get upgrade is a death knell for ufw configuration. Any reboot after an upgrade just obliterates the entire list of allowed/denied ports. Fucking ufw. I swear.

Man, my life is a fucking mess. I’m not going to splay everything here for twelve people to pore over, but I may on occasion allude to the hard time I’m having in life. I think I’d like to also start blogging about the path my career is taking, try to put some positivity into this thing. Maybe an injection of positivity will help me keep sane somewhat, I don’t know. Sanity seems like such a distant goal at this point.