Time Off

Now that I have some time off, I’m going to bitch about systemd.

Holy. Fucking. God.

What a piece of shit, dude. I don’t even know where to begin. So OpenVPN won’t even work with resolved natively, you have to add a shit up/down script, and the one I downloaded didn’t even fucking work. And the funny thing is, this isn’t the only time I’ve been sorely disappointed by systemd. Isn’t half the point of it supposed to be that you can quickboot? I mean, what the fuck advantage does it offer if quickboot isn’t even part of the equation? Seriously. It’s a huge pain in the dick to cope with.

I think it’s time for me to switch to either void linux or devuan. I’m so fucking tired of this shit. Every bitch, every gripe, every issue I’ve had that was either difficult to resolve or was unresolvable, involved systemd. Not linux itself, but the shit software embedding its claws in popular distros. I’m beyond tired of it.

In any case, that’s my gripe for the moment. That’s really the only update. I don’t want to speak much on my personal life because I don’t know what sort of creepy stalker fucks read this blog.

2018-11-22 03:10 pm | rant, exhausted, time, false
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