Random Ass Nothing

Man, I don’t know anymore. I’m so damn busy every day that I don’t have any semblance of a hobby anymore. It’s ridiculous. I can’t take enough time out of what remains of a day to write a technical blog post about whatever the fuck I’m able to mess with in the five minutes a day I’m not at work or doing some chore at home. Truth be told, my job is absorbing so much of my life that my hobbies are leaking into my job.

It’s insane. I’d love to be able to whip something up, some neat tip or something I’ve discovered. I can’t. I haven’t even had a minute to dick around with anything. I’m able to somewhat maintain my laptop. I’m able to somewhat keep this fucking blog limping along. But beyond that, I don’t have hobbies anymore. Life is insane. It’s moving too fast. It needs to slow the fuck down.


2018-03-24 10:59 am | random, update
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