Random Ass Update

Even though you wouldn’t be able to discern as much from this blog, I’ve been busy as hell. My career is sapping every spare minute from me, and any time I get that isn’t dedicated to my career I typically spend wasting on brain-dead pursuits that numb me from the frantic ridiculousness that is my gainful employment. There are days when I wish my employer might find my blog and fire me ‘Damore-style’. Selfish notion, I realize, but I’m also aware that it isn’t likely. I will get no respite from the relentless march.

I’ve been picking on an italian designer since starting this blog. The creator of the programming font ‘PragmataPro’ found me by Googling (which isn’t surprising, given that I’m pretty sure I’ve been front-paged when PragmataPro is the keyword) and put his two cents in on my hot take of his business practices. If you aren’t familiar with this, you can update yourself here. I personally was quite amused to see he took time out of his day of zooming in 1200x on the curl of a ‘Q’ to shake his fist at me and tell me that he’s better than me because he won’t sue. So amused that I decided to look at my coinbase account to see if I had a spare twenty bucks in buttcoins to buy his font in it’s most recent iteration to distribute to the font-hungry masses. So I am now a legal owner (and not-so-legal distributor) of ‘Essential PragmataPro v1.1’. Neat.

I’ve been getting into git lately. Took me a long damn time. I still don’t participate in repositories I didn’t create, but at the moment I don’t have a reason to. I mostly use it to track my own crap. I have production code in a private repository for work, and I have a public facing crap account. I don’t think I’ll be sharing either here, but I might throw this template up for this jekyll theme just so it perserveres. It almost didn’t get carried forward to 3.7.2 because things have changed so damn much.

Side note, I’ve also decided to use a second tiny little shit to host my static garbage in a semi-redundant fashion, just in case someone decides to smash the hell out of the old shitty VPS. Thankfully, one is a buck a month and the other is totally free. Not much invested to keep this shambling ghost of a webfront going.

Alright, this is all you get. Enjoy the bone I’ve thrown you. I might disappear for another two years. If things keep going the way they are, this fucking thing could turn into a museum. We’ll see.

2018-02-24 12:06 pm | random, update
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