Jekyll Exception Liquid

In migrating this damn downward spiral to the latest version of Jekyll, I discovered that a great many things have changed. I also consistently ran into an issue with liquid tags. Tons of Liquid: Cannot assign Fixnum yadda yadda. Long story short, the only way to silence Jekyll’s incessant whining was to work around it. Capturing offending data and using the captured variable seemed to silence the cries.

{% for tag in page.tags %}
{% capture garbage %}{{ tag }}{% endcapture %}

<a href="{{ garbage | escape }}">{{ garbage }}</a>

So when you get the lame ass “Fixnum blah blah” alarm, just start capturing potential offenders. Thanks to Jekyll’s AMAZING error faculties, I was able to narrow down (read; guess) which layout components were throwing bullshit my way.

Jekyll is great, but Jesus… Guys. Even Rust has a better history of not constantly breaking shit.

2018-02-24 01:24 pm | jekyll, liquid, error
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