Essential PragmataPro v1.1

It looks like Fabrizio Schiavi accepts Bitcoin as a form of payment. Neato. I’ve been wanting an updated version of PragmataPro. The pirates simply haven’t been keeping up. So I happened to have a few bucks laying around in Bitcoin, spun up some fake information, signed up to his website with a disposable email account, and bought his font.

Also, if you’d like to pitch in to buy the whole series so that I can post it here, hit me up. Throw me some BTC. I’ll deliver.

Essential PragmataPro

In case you really do want to contribute to me obtaining and distributing ‘Regular PragmataPro’, here are a few places to shekel me:

BTC: 3Pst3XjfrgAy7L8KnxRtTWG75cwBfRyKrL  
BCH: bitcoincash:qpn0gq9rsdkxexd6ctuh0euyjdv0vqxeuu5092ul8v  
ETH: 0x8634ea9cac38a24eb9165d87e2cf24afc57158ec  
XMR: 49zU42s1SiJgDajrtH3CrybUnKFJkKvpAR2pZCxudjzK8K6UoVzfK9XWbwaVe4vUMveKAzAiA4j8xgUi29TpKXpm42gh4Zk  
2018-02-23 09:32 pm | Programming, fonts, PragmataPro
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