Moms are amazing people. They can take all the abuses of uncaring, neglectful, distracted kids. They’re also pretty resilient against partners who sometimes get overly wrapped up in the rigorous routine of daily life. Most of all, they’re amazing because sometimes the only thing they need to remind them of why they keep going- The only thing they require is a hug and “I love you”. Of course, I’m sure pampering can help sometimes.

My kids have the best mom and stepmom in the world. They do. I’ve never seen a larger heart.

My fiancee deserves more than just a single day to celebrate her motherhood. She needs an entire week. My son has no idea how lucky he is. I don’t think he’ll ever fully be able to appreciate that his mother will work for him, fight for him, and make damn sure he has everything he needs in life and a lot of what he wants. Not only does she have such immense dedication, it’s balanced and fair. She’ll never tell him something is beyond his reach because “it’s not what he needs”. If she can do it for him, she will.

You can tell what kind of mother she is without ever meeting her. Talk to my son. Watch him, how he plays, how he behaves. He’s almost always the happiest kid in the room. He’s secure in what he knows about his existence. He exudes every facet of what a child with a strong and supportive provider can. He should, too. They’re together all day, every day, while I’m at work.

To the woman in my life: I love you most, you balls. I’ll think of something thoughtful and loving enough to bring you to tears on Mother’s Day, and dammit- I’m going to take pictures.