Another long week at work. There seems to be too much to do and not enough time in which to get it done. It looks like the story of Hillary Clinton using campaign funds to support professional political punditry on social media has broke. Not surprising, of course. I still have a running capture that’s ongoing, but I’ll need to think of the most effective way to parse the data before I write about it. Analyzing social media has been fun for quite a while, so the extra dimension of politics should produce interesting results. I’m absolutely planning on compiling an entry with all the harassment I’ve had come my way from Hillary supporting psychopaths. I suppose strong delusion makes for some pretty intense attacks. Nearly two thirds of the animosity originated from the forty-plus age group. No surprise there. I’m sure many of them blithely cheered Bill on, even during NAFTA and the DMCA. I haven’t had much spare time to update anything online, even writing this is a challenge. Life has been ridiculously busy lately. I’m sure things will calm down again soon. Maybe I’ll get a minute to start poking at my data. Truthfully, I think the only blog entry you can expect in the near future will be my collection of hate messages. I’m certainly not going to expose the few who were kind, though, but rest assured that not everyone is an asshole like you or I.