I feel obliged to clarify things, since you’re all not very bright. Either that, or you’re on the verge of illiteracy. Either is likely, I’m sure. In any case, here goes.


No, I’m not looking to “dox” anyone. I’m not stalking. I’m doing what millions of other individuals and corporations do on a daily basis; I’m dipping my net into the stream of garbage that is social media.

In fact, there’s only one reason you should be afraid of me. If you’re accepting money to promote candidates in elections; You have every right to be afraid.


The last two lists are not “Hit lists”. They were never portrayed as such. They are data. If you actually read (eyeroll) the posts, you see where I point out there are accounts mobbing hash tags that were created around the same time as caucuses and primaries. Those accounts are very likely not “your everyday voter” or “volunteers”.

These are the people I’m looking to single out.


I’m not surprised that everyone latched onto my blog. Hillary supporters are verified morons. Does this stop me? Negative. I’m pressing on despite very strong opposition. As a matter of fact, once I’ve pushed out results from my gathering of information, I will also be gathering all the personal threats made against me and posting them publicly for all to see exactly how dense and full of hatred Hillary supporters are. That’s really just a bonus for me, since you were all so hell-bent on trying to get me fired.


I don’t give a fuck who you vote for, but what irritates me more than anything else is when money changes hands for things like illegal use of social media. Did you know that political advertisements legally have to be attributed with “paid for by”, etc? Oh yeah, I’ll be singling out all the eggs, bots, and garbage accounts.

It’s pathetic that I have to clarify this, but you people are pretty oblivious. Go ahead, ignore Panama Papers links, speeches to huge banks, ignore reality. It’s obviously serving you so well.

I hate you all.