I never wanted to get into politics, I’ve enjoyed abstaining for a long time. It had only become complicated when pieces of legislation like the Digital Millenium Copyright Act managed to sluice through the cracks and fuck up my life. Yes, this act directly effects me. Yes, it’s detrimental to my lifestyle. It’s detrimental to my data aggregation habits.

In any case, I’m voting for Bernie for some pretty damned decent reasons. He’s totally opposed to the Trans-Pacific Partnership; a horror-show of 7,000 pages dedicated to NAFTA-esque freebies for exporting U.S. jobs. Bernie also supports net neutrality. Why would he support net neutrality, you ask? Nearly all the momentum that has propelled him in this election originated from free and democratic access to the internet. The idea that I should have to pay extra to AT&T or Comcast for people to access my Twitter feed at a reasonable speed is not only asinine, it’s unconstitutional.

I voted for Bernie in Michigan’s primary. I’m going to vote for him again in the general election, he’s going to be on the ballot. Hillary is a disgusting creature and quite possibly won’t even be eligible for the democratic nominee spot.

I encourage everyone to read Hillary’s emails on Wikileaks.