It looks like more anti-Bernie twitter accounts are starting to fill up some choice hash tags mentioned in my previous post. Maybe we can figure out if some of these people are paid shills, or if they’re actually this delusional.

UserID#Time ZoneJoined
@southerntalker22873947Eastern Time (US & Canada)2009-03-05 03:35
@KevinDarryl24009015682014-03-21 03:57
@TeeTweetsHere51259550Eastern Time (US & Canada)2009-06-26 22:42
@MaryL19642523538892011-02-15 01:05
@michgirlindc1868301962010-09-04 14:36
@drunkandfamous2664309235Pacific Time (US & Canada)2014-07-20 23:32
@rleedep32486821Central Time (US & Canada)2009-04-17 17:21
@danielsloebey6979885704940093442016-02-12 03:40
@demliberalways48951245972016-02-10 15:15
@TheFuzzyLobster25022491Eastern Time (US & Canada)2009-03-18 03:45
@dleemar558093419Central Time (US & Canada)2012-04-19 22:00
@6nsinvt18972394802013-09-23 13:12
@AndrewKilljoy3985766472011-10-26 07:58
@dollyp72419090878132013-09-26 20:05
@rs1301594712322010-06-25 13:23
@catperson118731517024042015-04-12 17:02
@LinaMonroy0115258809Mountain Time (US & Canada)2008-06-27 23:10
@Auxi13Sheila3313772732011-07-08 02:36
@Only4RM60841112Quito2009-07-28 07:25
@CraigCrawlspace48708251732016-02-02 00:54
@heyjdey136881432Pacific Time (US & Canada)2010-04-25 05:04

Right off the bat it looks like @CraigCrawlspace is a paid shill or a bot. @demliberalways is also highly suspect. Lastly, @danielsloebey is absolutely a paid shill.

What do you think?