My reasons why Hillary Clinton is an asshole:

  1. Hillary has made USD $22.1 million kissing ass for Goldman Sachs.
  2. She’s really corrupt.
  3. Mrs. Clinton can’t win without Bernie’s talking points.
  4. Hillary can’t even get votes by default.
  5. She’s pulling major strings to make her legal woes go away.
  6. Her husband threw American jobs at Mexico. She’s likely to do the same.
  7. Her husband signed the worst copyright bill ever into law. She would also be very pro-TPP.
  8. She buys good press while negative reporting doesn’t seem to phase her.
  9. She’s part of the much-maligned 1%.
  10. She’s trying to destroy Bernie Sanders with her clout, and her cash.

Oh, and it looks as though there’s no end in sight with regards to her legal troubles (as well as her questionable sources of income).

Seriously. Fuck Hillary Clinton, vote Bernie Sanders. Young people, old people, everyone- Get out to your primaries and get all your delegates supporting Bernie Sanders! NOW!