Jekyll 3 is something new entirely. My original template didn’t play nice. Completely lost my nav bar in the header and in the footer. That was no bueno. I’ve since adapted to just using a ‘_data/’ block to contain my navbar YAML. I guess that’ll work, though I suspect my install may be broken. No help was offered by #jekyll just yet. We’ll see if maybe I can get some info from them.

I’ve also upgraded my FreeBSD machine to 10.2! WOO! That’s been overdue for a very long time. I’m using it currently to rsync this feces to my remote cache of bullshit and garbage known as this blag.

Well, I don’t really have anything genuine to offer at the moment, but hopefully I’ll get a second to concentrate at least a little effort into documenting things I find fun. Maybe. We’ll see.

Actually, this blog is aging very poorly. I haven’t had any time at all to contribute worthwhile things to it. That honestly depresses the hell out of me. Maybe I’ll whip something up that’s helpful and work related, or just hobby related. Maybe.

Big fucking maybe.

Oh well.

Oh yeah! One last thing…


Don’t be a self-absorbed asshole.