My New Tat

So I’ve got some new ink. Figured I’d show off. I’ve had the idea for it rattling around in my head for two years or longer.

The first part, “Pia Fraus”, is latin for “Pious Fraud”. It’s basically a catholic phrase that entails the idea that a religion is justified in lying and being unethical so long as it preserves the religion. The second part, “Temet Nosce”, means “Know thyself”. It was initially proposed as a warning to readers to know their limits. It has that meaning to me, as well, but also means to me that I should stay true to myself. Then, of course, there’s the dead tree.

Luke 6:43
Matthew 7:19

So, that’s pretty much my tattoo. It includes biblical elements in the context that religion - all religion - is bullshit and has affected my life entirely negatively in every way possible. Good stuff.