For the last month, I’ve been busy. Stupid busy. Retarded busy. My employer has had me working 10 to 12 hours a day six days a week. Sometimes seven. I’m doing the same job I had been doing prior, just for a better situation. I can actually afford to live, now. I’ll be upgrading the accommodations for my family, upgrading my car, potentially upgrading my computer, and hopefully in the next ten years I’ll be upgrading my career as a professional metrologist.

Things are difficult right now, but it’ll all get better. Things can only look up from here, we’ve been on the bottom for so long. We’re both working hard to provide the best we can for our family.

Don’t count on any technical information or updates until I’m back on eight hour shifts. Until then, consider this a ping. I am still alive, albeit barely. I’m still going strong, even though I’m worn thin. I do still exist.