This is more of a ping than anything. Not that I really need to ping anyone or anything. Figured I’d let you know I still breathe. I’m still around, I’m still cooking up things to contribute, despite my complete lack of available time in which to do it. I have kids, I have gainful employment, and I have a significant other, so don’t expect much in the way of me contributing to this blog. Not that I’ve ever continually contributed to this damn thing at any point- I’ve mostly excised bits of my brain and shat them into text, all for you to analyze and use as needed.

Is it bad that my WinSXS folder has 22.7 GB of crap in it? That’s bad. Yeah. Time to clean that motherfucker up.

Bleh. Eventually I’m going to start blogging about IT related crap, maybe even a few bits of math. For now I’ll drop a list of good songs. Check ’em out.

(Pure)			My Surfboard and My Dog
(The Decemberists)	The Rake's Song
(Lou Reed)		Perfect Day
(VHS or Beta)		The Melting Moon
(Neutral Milk Hotal)	The King of Carrot Flowers, Part One