Happy Memorial Day. Now that’s out of the way, I’m going to ramble and rant about atheism.

I killed your god. I killed every single deity you could ever believe in. More than that, I truthfully am not the original cause of death of your deity. Myself, along with everyone who has ever been a reasonable and rational human being has had stake in destroying your spiritual beings.

I had read recently on Salon that there are Christians in the world who don’t believe the biblical story of Noah is factual, along with a host of other traditional stories, and relegate almost all of those “events” to basically being metaphors. Those same individuals don’t necessarily take the bible at face value as being a text of history, but entirely of religion. They’re the ones Salon claims “should not be discounted” with the rest of Christianity. I disagree. I don’t see anything written thousands of years ago by dehydrated nomads as having relevance to modern life. God is easily disproven. More than that, why should the burden of proof rest on the atheist when it comes to spirituality? That’s exactly like saying “Unicorns exist. Prove me wrong.” That isn’t logic. That’s fallacy, and that’s all Christians have. Fallacy is their bread and butter.

Fuck fallacy. Fuck your comfort. Fuck everything you can’t accept about death, because death is real- and it’s nothing more than a void. If that makes you uncomfortable, you’re a cunt. End of story. I’ll raze the world in bloody savagery before I ever let some spiritual douchebag tell me how to conduct myself.

Truthfully, I hate most Christians. I hate everything about them. I hate how they conduct themselves in hypocritical ways. I hate their skewed and ridiculous world views. I hate their Republican geopolitical opinions. I hate everything about them. All Republicans are cunts. End of story. They’re all wastes of flesh, deserving of slow death via starvation or torture. If you’re a Republican, you deserve to hemorrhage to death from anal rape in a prison shower. Being a Democrat is a crime itself, but nowhere near as heinous as the crime of being Republican.

There are too many computer enthusiasts who shout “SUPPORT OUR TROOPS” and claim belief in Jesus. It seems like Infosec is divided into two camps; the Republicans and the trannies. Jennifer Emick is a classic Republican. She doesn’t even realize her own political affiliation, which ought to clue you in to how deficient she is.

It’s probably good that I do go into politics. I’d honestly open death camps for Republicans. Anyone with political views that could be construed as pro-life, against social programs, or promoting “bible law”, would earn you a one way trip to “Dickenau”.

Keep your fucked up, retarded, useless bible bullshit out of my government.