I’m writing this because I’m bored. I’m downloading old humble bundle games via a not-so-quick WOW cable connection being borrowed. It’s a relaxing day. I’m not regretting being bored at all. It’s kind of nice to feel unplugged in some ways, yet still plugged in other ways.

I’m ready to pass out. I feel physically exhausted for seemingly no reason at all. It’s almost as though carbon monoxide is seeping into the atmosphere and replacing slowly oxygen and carbon dioxide as the typically bonded gases in my hemoglobin. I just feel energy escaping my body without the typical expenditure you would expect.

I’m in a mood to just bang out useless rant after rant like this is livejournal. Not sure why this desire is so strong today, this week, maybe even this month. I don’t know. It’s odd. I feel like shitting violently into the ether and not giving a damn whether it’ll contribute anything or be well recieved. I suppose I’ve contributed a few worthwhile posts in the last six months, but by no means the amount I’d really like to be throwing out. On the contrary, I’ve been tied up in a million other more important things than expelling words into the void.

My Chromebook is growing on me. The battery life is amazing. The software is inflexible and very limiting, but it gets better every month with different decisions made by Google and content developers. I’m slowly finding tweaks, cheats, workarounds in dealing with life in Chrome-land. I think I’m very happy with it, especially given the budget price point and hands-free software maintainance.

In any case, I think I’ll let this go-nowhere post come to a close.

I have five days off from work and I’m losing my mind with happiness, spending time with my family and tending to my sanity with all my hobbies.