I’m considering trying to move up from working for a tier three automotive supplier to either a tier one supplier or OEM. Not sure if I’ll be successful, but I certainly won’t find out until I make the attempt.

My son turns two tomorrow. He’s growing so fast. My daughter is already huge. She’s brilliant for her age, just as my son is brilliant for a toddler. I’m grateful for my kids.

My amazing and beautiful girlfriend is excelling in school, just as I told her she would. She’s confounding herself by pulling off some of the best grades in all her classes. I may have seen it coming, but it seemed to have taken her by surprise.

Life is generous to me with everything except for moments to stop and smell the roses. I don’t get breaks. Every day is “come in, move out, pop this, move that, do do do do do do”.

I’m really starting to wear down. Things will be slowing down soon to a certain extent, but my work will likely always be a high-runner. Truthfully, even if everything wound down after punching out from work- The fact remains that from 6 AM to 3 PM or later I’m being run down like an Alaskan Husky at the Iditarod.

I think I just need beer. More beer. Lots more beer. This “once a week thing” is probably not enough beer.



Gimme beer.