I don’t get very many full weekends off. Whenever I do, it feels like a special occasion. If I’m getting more than a day off at a time it’s usually due to holidays. I need a break. I need time to sit on my ass and be lazy, or just be domestic and do something in my house.

It feels as though I would benefit from taking a break from worrisome things. I need to avoid the news for a while; to avoid twitter and other sources of information about the world collapsing in on itself. Looking at my timeline, you’d think the sky was falling. Anti-vaxers are going to kill us all with long-dead diseases. Ebola is going to mutate and make everyone hemorrhage to death from their anuses. Bobby Jindal is going to run for president, win, and make the national religion Christianity and force prayer in school.

All manner of insanity flits across my screen at any given moment. I just need a break from crazy. It has come to the point where I need to stop and catch my breath.

Worrying isn’t going to help anything. People are always better off hoping for the best and planning for the worst. Just don’t get blindsided the best you can and everything will be alright.