WARNING: The following text is totally irrelevant to anything and everything. I just need to vent with typing shit.

One of the cool things about having your own blog is that you can get kinda tipsy and write whatever the fuck you want to write. This is an awesome outlet for whatever typically can’t be vented.

I work hard. I do my job. I’m smart and flexible. I can tackle damn near any task that’s given to me. But, seriously? Buying a fucking flashlight? Give me a goddamned break. I’m not saying I’m above anything, but if anything is mismatched- it’s tasking me with purchasing a fucking flashlight. I am not an interior designer. I’m not an expert on lighting. I’m not a photographer. I overthink things. I consider all and every aspect about whatever task is put in front of me. So of course I’m going to spend a long time thinking about the best fucking flashlight I can find that will fit the needs put forth.

It just feels like a waste. It feels like the classes I’ve been sent to are for jack shit. So I’m not working this weekend. Fuck it. I have way too much on my plate, but I’m not going to take days I should have to myself to keep pace. They can figure something else out, because extending myself beyond my capacity is not going to happen for a while. I need a break from my job. I need a breather from the suffocating entity that pays me.


I can comprehend the goals behind the latest Geometric Design & Tolerancing schema. I can apply GD&T to great effect. I can design solutions to metrology problems. I’m a valuable contributor to any manufacturing corporation. I have more to offer than what fucking flashlight to buy. Jesus Christ.

No, I don’t believe I’m above any task given to me by my boss. It’s just a waste when I’ve already been given five immediate problems to solve. Suddenly buying a fucking flashlight is “mission-critical”. God. You’d think shipping garbage parts would be solved at the people who make them, but no. I’m supposed to magically turn people into “not retards” with a fucking flashlight.

I’m more than capable in programming inspection routines with Zeiss' Calypso. I can program Hexagon’s PC-DMIS. I’m familiar with CNC manufacture. Yet I’m a flashlight errand boy.

I spent two days finding “adequate” lighting, by the way. I took my proposals to my boss multiple times in the last two days. I was seriously shot down all the way until 2:15pm today.

Yes, I’m bitter. That’s retarded. That’s beyond retarded. I have a stupid retarded gage to inspect that was recently made, that’s going to be a headache for me to months to come. I have to figure out how to make this stupid fucking gage send measurement data to a CNC lathe workcenter. I have bigger fish to fry than a flashlight.

Alright, I get it, you get it. I’m done venting. This post was a really long bitch session. Yeah. Oh well. Get over it.

Man, I’m not even nearly well paid enough for this bullshit.

P.S. I love my Amanda most.