Technology is incredibly pervasive these days. I’m looking at getting myself a parallax propeller chip to toy with soon. I don’t want a fully assembled kit, I’m looking at buying a 40-pin dip and a bread board. The most expensive part will be the USB Prop. If anyone out there has cool projects made in SPIN, shoot me an email. If I get into it soon I plan on putting the code and photographs, as well as electronic diagrams on my blog. I’m going to use this guide to start with. It looks like an excellent starting point that doesn’t require more than an eight dollar chip and a few bits and pieces I should already have.

I honestly think my very first project is going to be to attempt a network-enabled lamp. Maybe using the PowerSwitch Tail II.

I’m just not sure what the best way to go will be. I guess we’ll see.

It’s amazing what eight bucks will get you these days. I guess in terms of ICs, that’s actually expensive. Maybe not too pricey for the hobbyist.