Ruby Twitter Scraper

Requires the twitter gem. Install it as per usual. Code as follows:

#!/bin/env ruby

# encoding: utf-8

require 'twitter'
require 'csv'

client = do |config|
	config.consumer_key = "insert"
	config.consumer_secret = "insert"
	config.access_token = "insert"
	config.access_token_secret = "insert"

def collect_with_max_id(collection=[], max_id=nil, &block)
  response = yield(max_id)
  collection += response
  response.empty? ? collection.flatten : collect_with_max_id(collection, - 1, &block)

def client.get_all_tweets(user)
  collect_with_max_id do |max_id|
    options = {:count => 200, :include_rts => true}
    options[:max_id] = max_id unless max_id.nil?
    user_timeline(user, options)

junk = client.get_all_tweets(ARGV[0])"#{ARGV[0]}.csv", "w") do |csv|
	junk.each do |tweet|
		csv << [, tweet.created_at, tweet.user.screen_name, tweet.text, tweet.source, tweet.geo]

Excellent. I’m going to revise it as necessary, but it’s a most effective scraper. Though I’d love to add some sort of progress bar to it, haven’t succeeded in that yet. I’ll keep you posted and update it as the iterations of this thing change. It was smashed together from the twitter gem’s bare scraper and CSV output added. I’m quite pleased. Going to also consider adding time and date statistics compilation. I might just write an entirely separate script for that. Not sure yet.

More to come.

21 May 2014 18:13 | ruby, twitter, OSINT, Dox the world