Ruby Twitter Mention Counter

Ruby is like the Visual Basic of the scripting world. You can do simple shit in ten lines of code or less. After experimentation, googling, and satisfaction of curiosity I’ve sated myself with a simple counterpart to my python tweet dumper.

Two arguments. Twitter screen name and cutoff for number of mentions. It’s useful to see your data in a new way. I’m going to take it further pretty soon, processing date information to squeeze every bit of usefulness out of it.

require 'csv'

num = ARGV[1].to_i
fil = ARGV[0]

tweets ="_tweets.csv")
tweets = tweets.to_s.scan(/@\w+/)
counts = 0
tweets.each { |word| counts[word] += 1 }
lesser = { |k,v| v > num }.sort_by { |k,v| v }.reverse
lesser = lesser.reject { |k,v| k =~ /#{fil}/ }
lesser.each { |a,b| print "@#{fil}, ",a,", ",b,"\n"  }

Output ends up being every mention on the dumped timeline followed by the number of times it appears. Sorted highest to lowest at cutoff point. I’m sure it could be useful in “OSINT” crap at a very base level. In the very least you can stalk your girlfriend/wife and hold it over her head if you’re not the first result. I never had to worry about that, but it was still fun to peek.

20 Apr 2014 17:46 | ruby, twitter, csv, data