I have yet to meet someone who claims the Christian faith and seeks knowledge.

“Have faith.”

“Just believe and it will happen.”

“You’ve got to believe.”

All of these are extinguishers. They suffocate the flame of curiosity. They satisfy the easily satisfied with half-answers. These are not things that a person who truly desires knowledge will ever find themselves saying.

I’m assaulted almost every day by every depth of stupidity that exists. I’ve seen the lowest of the low, and the commonality shared across the board is that they have brains that don’t even begin to seek answers for things. Religion is lost on them. They don’t need it, they don’t need answers. Religion is intended to control the middle ground. It was created to control the average person. A typical person will ask for the reasoning behind things. They may not feel a constant nagging in the back of their minds if that reason is not satisfactory to them. They’re likely to be able to accept that reason and move on, satisfactory or not. That’s where religion fits in.

Atheists are people who are not easily sated with simple or possibly incorrect answers. Atheists are not able to survive in an environment of religion. “God made the sun”, sounds absolutely retarded to an atheist. They don’t know any invisible friends that they can attribute creation to. They’re more likely to think that a star, our star, could’ve happened in some appreciable accident. No less miraculous than the “magic poof” of “God”, the chaotic and random nature of matter transforming itself into more complex matter is far more magical than any “space hippie”.

I’ll never understand it. Read the bible. If you don’t read the bible, you’re not Christian. You can’t worship a God whose rules you don’t even know. True Christians don’t read the bible, if they did they’d no longer believe. This sad fact is why most atheists are better armed at arguing against Jesus than any follower could ever be.

Bleh. I guess I’ll quit while I’m ahead.