It looks like I’ve made some people a little cranky. Someone thought it would be humorous to throw some UDP traffic my way, which about 10gb managed to get through and interrupt a bit of traffic for my provider.

Don’t worry, kids, I won’t be taking shortcuts any longer. No easy-to-spot domain pointers to the man behind the curtain. You’re not going to see anything but content delivery network from here on out. No PHP, no server-side execution other than simple page delivery.

You won’t stop the signal. You may interrupt it, but it will continue to flow as long as I may breathe. Not sure who is responsible, but I’m sure there are more than a handful of candidates who would even ordain I’m worth picking off with their new toy as simply a test. I’m also pretty certain there are individuals who would go out of their way to shut me up, if only because I’m irritating. The truth is about as pleasant as sandpaper underwear, and I do spread it as far and wide as my reach allows.

Feel free to shoot me an email if you’d like, let me know your frustrations. Let me in on why you think I need to be null-routed. I don’t get charged for your damage, it’s no more than a minor irritation and exercise in cerebral flexibility to me. I can deploy this blog in a million ways on multiple delivery platforms with round-robin pointers that you won’t be able to interrupt. But I won’t. I’ll respond as necessary.

It’s not worth getting worked up over, but I am curious.

Go ahead, offer me insight. [email protected]