I’ve walked away from the Internet almost entirely for nearly five months. I left it, in good conscience, in order to improve my life. I spent so much time and effort interfacing with this amazing invention that connects people. In effect I was able to form connections to others whom exist in social spheres I’m wholly extant from.

I was immediately filled with disgust. “th3j35t3r”, yellow ribbons, Bradley Manning hate, “Ed Snowden IS A TURRURIST!” babble bullshit… These are all opinions held by individuals in the fanbase of “information security”.

I’ll allow that to sink in for just a moment. People who spend their social security disability income existing solely on the Internet actually follow information security trends, and they hold these beliefs. I’d love to tell you I was only disgusted by my findings, but I’d be minimizing the effect. Truly, I’ve never experienced a more violent contusion to my gag reflex than when I saw people flock around calling Ed Snowden a traitor. He blows the whistle on NSA mass spying, violating not just our privacy but the privacy of everyone worldwide- Yet he’s the traitor?

I’ll never quite understand it. It’s almost entirely the 2600 crowd, as well. Like they’re the republican douchebag party of information technology. A sizable number of those faggots are Christian as well.

I suppose I’m all over the place with this post, but the fact remains; We don’t have anyone respectfully representing the technophile crowd in politics or government. Or in any capacity. Literally everyone who stands up to speak for the technology savvy is a retarded piece of shit. A veritable woodwork of Hector Monsegurs. Oh yeah. That reminds me. I need to mirror that pastebin.

Lastly, if you’re a technology enthusiast and you’re pro-military, you’re a walking contradiction. The military isn’t exactly geared toward gifting the populace with technology. On the contrary, they’ll keep under wraps everything they possibly can to maintain strategic advantage over everyone, especially the people they’re tasked to defend. Same goes with police. They’re not protectors. It’s “Us vs. Them”. There is no protect and serve anymore. Riots are just the beginning, I’m sure. It’s going to get far worse before it gets better.

Well, I suppose that’s all for my rant today. You can go ahead and refute everything I’ve said, but you can’t do it and sound intelligent at the same time.