It’s time to address a situation that has needed attention for many years now. With our nation being a diverse melting pot of an immense number and variety of loons, we’re facing an ever-increasing amount of tension. Most of this tension seems to emanate from religious factions that maintain opposing belief systems.

If you were to drive around Dearborn, MI, you’d notice one thing; Your white, Christian, pasty ass would be the minority. Dearborn is the Islamic capital of the USA, just about. It has also been one of the most scrutinized cities by the Department of Homeland Security in their quest to profile and label every non-Christian in the USA.

As much as the US has been a melting pot, it has also housed malcontents who believe their invisible friends are entirely superior to everyone else’s. I’ll be honest- Every denomination of every faith that believes they’re “The One True Faith” is a hodge-podge of the most vile assholes this planet has ever housed.



Christian Crusades




I don’t think I need to throw in any more buzzwords for you to begin to realize how shitty every one of those bastards really are. None of them peaceable. None of them willing to cooperate with opposition ideologies to benefit mankind.

They’re all shitty hindrances on the progression of man.

One of the worst trends I’ve ever witnessed is the Christianization of the United States. “In God we Trust”, “Indivisible, before God”, all that is bullshit. Fuck God. Fuck all gods. Fuck everything that has ever been achieved in their names.

I get blasphemous after one beer. Ha.