The blog has been down a while. I know. I suck. I get that, I really do. My computer took a shit. CPU fan died. Those things are a bitch when they’re fixtured to the motherboard. I had to completely disassemble this piece of shit. At least I made it worth my while. Installed a 120mm radiator / water-block closed circuit water cooling system instead of a shitty typical fan.

Then, of course, once I installed the stupid water cooling system my PSU had to take a shit. Yep. Such luck. So I got a relatively inexpensive Corsair modular power supply to replace my current dead piece of shit with. Not bad. The worst part of the ordeal was all the time spent buying the parts, assembling the shit, and jury rigging it every which way.

But here I am. I’m back. I’m sure you don’t care. I’m also fairly certain the crowd concerned by my presence is nil.

Perhaps one of these days I’ll get an opportunity to actually blog. That would be cool.

EDIT: Excuse No. 3011; Chunkhost is shit and they’re no longer my host of choice.