Life is goddamned weird. I’ve set in motion a series of events to improve the quality of life for myself and my family. More money, more time to spend with my family, and less stress.

I would never have done it if it weren’t for my girlfriend. She egged me on, telling me I need to do something about my situation if I’m not happy with it. So I did. I only did at her behest.

My employer wants to keep me. Another company wants me. These points are both moot after the fact that I’m nothing without the woman who makes me strong. I love her. She’s wonderful. She’s the only anchor an insane raft like myself will ever have. I never would’ve taken roles with more responsibility if it weren’t for her. I wouldn’t have worked so hard if it weren’t to keep my family afloat. I wouldn’t have been so appealing to any employer if she didn’t help me maintain my drive. She’s my world.

I love you most.