If you’re in the automotive manufacture industry, you’re pretty familiar with re-certification. It’s that time of year everyone panics and freaks the fuck out about either surveillance or re-cert audits, works seven days a week, ten hour days, and has a mild heart attack over every misspelling or problematic procedure in the control documents for their company.

What disturbs me is that I absolutely despise this process. I hate it, yet no matter where I go I won’t be able to avoid it. I need to get out of the department that has to deal with that garbage. I need to get ietnto engineering, production, some other department. It doesn’t matter. I can’t put in these hours. It’s too much. I have a family. I have a life outside of work. It’s effecting me in some rather deeply disturbing ways. I don’t sleep as much as I need to and every day feels like a hallucination.

Oh well. I’m sure something will give. I’ll either get the fuck out or die trying.