I’ve spent a long time trying to get together a twitter scraper. I haven’t had more than twenty minutes a day, at most, free time to spend doing it. I finally spent some time ripping apart a quick script written in python by someone else, using tweepy. It’s really damned handy. I’ve set it to grab the max allowable tweets from any given user and take data I find important, then format it for storage in a comma-separated value flat file. I spent maybe four hours dicking around with the thing to get it working as seamlessly as possible. Once the “eureka” moment hit, I only spent about twenty minutes to turn data collection on an irritating, but practical, exercise in identity concealment.

A collective of a handful of homosexuals and pedophiles have grouped together to fight fellow skids and eliminate the competing bot-herders, and they go by the identity “SeriousMode”. The only thing these people appear to contribute to society is that they’re playing “king of the hill” with the skid universe, trying to eliminate the other skids that might be a little quicker on their feet than they are, with doxing and harassment. They also seem to focus heavily on having sex with children and eliminating people who expose pedophiles. So here’s the info I’ve collected. It’s interesting. Check it out. Dox them, if you’d like. I might actually analyze the data I’ve collected at a later date. I’ll definitely add to it.

Have fun.

Seriousmode Data Dump