Twitter harbors some interesting people. Far more interesting people than most social networks such as Myspace and Facebook, perhaps in part because it’s not as popular as the aforementioned social networks. Individuals such as C1TYofFL1NT and TheLastBand1t are quite attentive to some fascinating goings-on in Flint. They’re more attentive to local politics than any other folks I’ve met.

Specifically, these two gentlemen are keen on blueberries. What does anything important have to do with blueberries? The answer probably won’t surprise you, because your gut instinct is quite correct when you assume nothing at all. That’s right, Phil Shaltz bought a billboard and had it say “I’m concerned about the blueberries.”

What about blueberries? It’s distraction. Pure and simple, Phil bought a billboard to give the media something to report on. I’m sure the billboard was a good deal cheaper than how much it costs to “micro-manage” local media. And why not? Phil pretty much owns the flint emergency manager.

The corruption runs deep, too. Phil administers something called the “NERD fund”, a supposed non-profit whose donors are protected from public scrutiny. Governor Snyder began the controversial “NERD fund”, in which it’s no stretch to imagine Shaltz has ties to Snyder. It has apparently raised some $1.5 million. Phil has effectively invested in owning the Flint Emergency Manager as well as the Detroit Emergency manager. It gets even better when you realize that the Flint Emergency Manager appointed an infamous Detroit police officer as Flint’s Chief of Police. Who was appointed? The very officer accused of obstructing the investigation of Kwame Kilpatrick for the murder of Tamara Greene.

Blueberries, Phil? You can suck my blueberries, pal.

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This post dedicated to the very awesome C1TYofFL1NT and TheLastBand1t. Gentlemen, if you can contribute anything more it’d be appreciated, this is excellent material.